My Approach

I chose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because of its effective approach in addressing countless conditions by identifying and treating the root of an imbalance, allowing symptoms to dissipate one by one. It involves treating the patient as a whole, which means I get to know my patients very well.  I love to see what drives a person even more than what ails them. I want them to thrive, to improve their quality of life beyond what they have yet thought possible, and the results have been rewarding for all of us.


In the past 8 years in practice, I have recognized my strengths and attributed my successes to being able to connect and read what is blocking a person energetically (as it appears in the body), and identify areas where they may be blocked in their life routine. For those willing to take it on, goal setting has been an invaluable pairing with TCM. We unblock the body from the inside out, and we set the patient’s new course to track towards bigger goals. We use the following strategy step by step, along a cultivated treatment plan:

Unblock // Motivate // Breakthrough //Set New Patterns // Stay Accountable // Pay It Forward